Self initiated

UX/UI Designer:
Alejandro de Francisco
Development & Design:
Carlos Moret


it's Circular is a tool that allows you to save each link as an image, organize it in public and private folders and share it with other people.
It has been selected for the Barcelona Activa incubator as a Start-up project.



Having so many open links is a problem that many of us have, this generates anxiety and stress, as well as unfocus on our daily tasks. Have you try to solve it sending yourself the links in an email, saving them in a Google Docs file or saving them in favorites in the browser? Why does something so simple become in such a complex problem?


We know, it’s an annoying process and you don't find what you want, that is why we creat it’sCircular. It's a tool that allows you to save any content visually, organize it in public and private folders and share it with other members. We uses the power of the platforms you use most, to turn your links into something visual and easy to remember.

every step

We want users to be able to use our tool effortlessly — without friction — and to give them a great experience in every step of the way.

We've used various techniques with which we studied the user experience, observing how it affects the relationship between people and links with the aim of putting ourself in their place, becoming aware of usability problems and accessibility with which they are. Obtaining relevant information through tests in addition to the feedback received in the interviews, helping us to continuously improve our project.

& dynamic

After carrying out the research we realized that most of the people who share this problem belong to the creative sector and most of them are visual and graphic designers. They are people who always remember a visual reference before a written one, so from the point of view of design the visual information was key, so the design is quite neutral. With each decision we had to allow continuous evolution of the tool and easy adaptation, we implemented a flexible and dynamic design to allow continuous updating as the user continues to save links and create folders.

Don’t make
me think

We wanted the design to be simple, interactive and contemporary. We had to make it as attractive and easy to use as possible, so we designed a flexible and contemporary modular system that allows the user to quickly save, organize and share a link. The resulting design is clean, fresh, and non-invasive.

The brand around
4 concepts

One of the challenges we faced was translating the easy and non-invasive user experience of the tool into the brand. We looked for an aesthetic that was based on the essential: explaining what the tool is about and the objective.
To achieve this, we articulate the brand personality around
4 concepts:


“We use a sans serif font, Intern Regular, to convey a feeling of modernity and clarity in our messages. We also use it in the tool for its ease of reading in small sizes and because it is optimal for screens.”

Alejandro de Francisco

“White as a symbol of calm, as a place to start. Our entire image starts from a soft background to which visual elements are added to articulate the message and aesthetics. The background of the tool interface is also white to be less invasive and highlight all the content that the user stores.”

Carlos Moret

“It was important for us that our entire brand had a human touch, that it lowered the technological burden and that it enabled us to have spaces for dialogue with users. Therefore we use illustrations to communicate complex ideas in a simple and clear way.”

Alejandro de Francisco

"We want the brand and the tool to reflect the contemporary moment, the here and now. That is why it’s important for us to articulate all the elements around a contemporary aesthetic."

Carlos Moret

Our voice reflects
how we view ourselves

At it's Circular we want to talk like that fellow who comes every day with new things to tell you and show you.

We want to give them a great experience in every step of the way. To be that friendly companion whom they can share their excitement with when everything went well. Also that reliable one that can pat them on the back and help them find a way out when something does not go their way.
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